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Who Loves Life More?

Jul. 15th, 2005 04:30 pm

I think I've already posted this before, but I still find it fairly accurate.

How to make a 2_Cool

1 part competetiveness

1 part crazyiness

5 parts empathy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little caring if desired!

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Jul. 13th, 2005 09:49 pm My mind's made up, my mind's made up...

I'm gonna come clean tomorrow....
I wish I could write songs like that one. So simple yet got such a great groove to it. That whole album has such a great groove to it. It's what he focoused on.. a great groove type album. Sadly the band would never play that, I have to focous on more melodic, harder rocking stuff... which I don't mind so much.. I think Bob and I might finally start to be finding some middle ground because of the completion of the demo. Yes.. it's done.. I tried burning a couple copies, but it sounds like ass for some reason. It sounds better on the computer. But it does sound alright.. we should've double tracked my voice.

Tomorrow is Kerry's birthday, so at the risk of her reading this before then (I know she won't, but in case she does) I'm not going to say what I got her.

But yeah.. I have a busy next little while coming up. Kerry's birthday tomorrow, then off to Montreal for the weekend to go to my Grandmother's memorial because I wasn't at her funeral for obvious spleen like reasons. We get back from that on Monday and then on Tuesday I'm going out with my friend Scott.. who I just learned broke up with his girlfriend he'd been going out with for forever. Which seems a little odd... they were so perfect together.. but at the same time, it was basically their first major relationship each and I'm glad they were able to realize it wasn't working when it wasn't working.. in any event.. we haven't done anything in a while, so we're going to go out. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I'm doing some work stuff.. work social in Wednesday, Thursday is a Summer Sizzle (for which I get paid.. yay)... then friday I'm finally free.. any suggestions?

Oh and Leslie showed up at camp today.. she works for the Markham Museum camp apparantly, and they drop their kids off at before/after care at our camp because they don't have it. So she picks them up and drops them off.. not the best way to start off the morning.. walking through the door with Leslie standing right there. Oh well.

If for some reason I am tardy....

Current Music: Joel - Extraordinary / Work Out Fine

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Jul. 10th, 2005 02:27 pm

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Jul. 2nd, 2005 10:44 am Exams Are Over

For most people, exams are an evil long gone. For me, being done exams is a newly found reality. Although I'm glad they're done and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Of course it was hot the entire time I'm in Hamilton and the day I finally come back, POW!!! Super cold. Where was I when the cold was there.. I like the cold. Damn spleen.

Yesterday was Edgefest with a crappy ass lineup and I had a crappy as position out on the lawn. Me, as well as 4 other people, were out on the lawn in a stand that's usually a bar selling nothing but alcoholic products. Since there was no beer in the bowl or the lawn for Edgefest, however, there was no beer being sold where we were.. only at the sides of the venue. Thus the 5 of us were getting paid time and a half (because it's such a long day, and I was also head cashier which means a buck extra per hour.. so with time and a half, 1.50) to sit in this bar and do nothing except tell people all day that we weren't selling alcohol there today. It got annoying after a while.

Band issues are arising. We finished recording a demo, I think. I've yet to hear it, but I'm scared to hear Bob's parts on it. I'm afraid he's gonna go super-prog. I think I've had just about enough of this... I've dealt with the fact that this band isn't going to be EXACTLY the sound I want it to be.. that will be the way with any band. Bob doesn't understand this fact. So I think I'm gonna talk to him and tell him that if he wants to make a side band (which I want to do at some point to play other stuff I want to play) then to go ahead.. otherwise shut up about not being prog or musically revolutionary or leave the band... and should none of those occur.. then I'm out because it's supposed to be fun and I'm not having any lately becuase I'm having to put up with Bob and how he's 'musically educated and elite' or something like that. It gets annoying.

I'm glad exams are over though.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees

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Jun. 25th, 2005 04:20 pm

I hate exams
I like scotch.. scotchy scotch scotch... here it goes down.. down into my belly...
What? we're on? I don't believe you. You know I don't speak Spanish.

ugh.. I hate exams.. I hate losing spleens, I hate being in Hamilton all by my lonesome. BAH!!!

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Jun. 23rd, 2005 11:48 am After much grief

Alright.. this story begins last week. There was an add in the paper saying that a bar around the corner "Colonel Mustard's" is looking for some serving help. I figure they probably won't hire a guy, plus I have no waiting experience (although I do have serving experience from the Amphitheare) so I'm expecting nothing. I drop off my resume and I'm told that they're good for servers, but they're looking for line cooks. So I said I'd be fine with that, dropped off my resume with even less experience as a cook.. still expecting nothing.

Then on Monday I had an interview with Starbucks. I figured that it's another serving job, it's a coffee bar, so it might look decent on a resume if I want to be a bartender eventually, so there ya go. The interview went great, haven't heard back from them, but I expect to. Unless they think my schedule is too busy. But I nailed the interview.

Anyways, two days ago I get a call.. I figure it's starbucks calling me back. I was wrong. It was Colonel Mustard's calling saying they wanted to hire me. She said it's very part time (which is what I'm looking for) and that you make good money. Me being confused at this was wondering why I'd make good money being a cook. Then she tells me .. "no no no.. I want you working the floor as a bartender"...

I've still yet to hear back from starbucks, but yesterday I was working the floor at Col Mustard's doing training. Because it's a little bar, the tough part is really just learning the regulars, what they have, how much they have and how they like it. Aside from that, it's fairly straight forward. Not a lot of mix drinks, just lots of beer. So I'm happy.. this will help me get a job, hopefully, during the school year.

It just goes to show that if you don't give up hope (which I almost did a few times) you can do anything. Getting into the bartending scene can be tough, but I'm starting to crack it after about a year of trying. Sweet.

Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Sloan - Try To Make It

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Jun. 18th, 2005 12:34 am

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting married. There's something way too weird about that.
Ah well.. my girl has always been Natalie Portman... uh.. I mean Kerry

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Jun. 16th, 2005 06:11 am

Most people who know me know that I typically get to sleep very well.
The only time I don't get to sleep or don't sleep well is when something is bothering me. I finally fell asleep at 3 am and am now up at 6am... do the math.

I hate this summer so much.

Current Mood: morosemorose
Current Music: Sarah McLachlan - Full Of Grace

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Jun. 14th, 2005 11:58 am Fencing and music

Alright, so I went to TFC on Saturday. And much to my surprise, there were only three people there (one of them being Joanna Guy, who I haven't seen in a very long time.. Sam was the other one there). But even more surprising was the fact that Peter Ho actually seemed to care for once about my fencing. Maybe it was because there were only three people, but he was actually paying attention to my form (we worked mostly on footwork). We did footwork across a balance beam and then some light bladework to counter people going for the top of the hand with either a high or a low hand position. But yeah.. he was actually friendly and helping me... so I'm very confused. I also got a rush because I was fencing.. well.. almost fencing again. I was starting to lose some fencing enthusiasm by not having done it in so long, but now I'm just as determined as before to come back to Mac and fence next year and hopefully help lead the team to another medal at OUA's.

The other thing is I'm making Kerry a tape for her car because she has a ghetto Ford Taurus from about 1802, and it only has a tape player... so I'm making her a rocking car tape... here's the tracklist, I should be finishing it up today and giving it to her, so if she sees this, then I'm not that worried, but I don't think she reads this that often.

Side 1
Sloan - All Used Up
Jet - Rollover DJ
Oasis - Wonderwall
Joel Plaskett - Extraordinary
Matchbox Twenty - Disease
Stars - Agless Beauty
Super Friendz - Better Call
Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now?
The Odds - Someone Who Is Cool
Radiohead - High And Dry
Weezer - Keep Fishin'
The Flashing Lights - Where Do The Days Go?

Side 2
The Wallflowers - 6th Avenue Heartache
Colin James - Stop Bringing It Down On A Perfect Day
Sam Roberts - Don't Walk Away Eileen
Green Day - Holiday
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams (they flow nicely into each other and it sounds weird when one doesn't have the other)
Sloan - The Rest Of My Life
Thrush Hermit - (Oh Man!) What To Do?
The New Pornographers - The Body Says No
Treble Charger - Friend Of Mine
The Killers - Change Your Mind
The Stills - Lola Stars And Stripes

Tell Me your thoughts... It won't change the list.. but I'd still be curious to hear what you think.

Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Flashing Lights - Where Do The Days Go?

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Jun. 10th, 2005 10:37 pm My pissed off rant

I'm apologizing for this post before it begins... but so far this summer, HAS SUCKED!!! And I don't see it getting any better in the long run.

Let's see.. why might this summer be so bad for Robbie? Well he's worked his ass off trying to find a job somewhere, and yet, for all of his efforts, he's back at the camp, working for 8 bucks an hour for 2 months. I have the Amphitheatre job, but that's only like.. 2 times a week, if that, and not all of them are beer vending. on top of that.. it's 7.50 an hour, so if I'm not making tips, there's not all that much point, thus it's really worth it when I'm beer vending. No matter where I apply, I get jack shit. For one reason or another. All I need is to get into an interview and I'm fine, I love interviews because I'm really good at selling myself. But so far, nothing. No offense to people out there currently employed at their parents' offices.. but you have it so lucky. Soooo many people I know have parents that get their kids to work at their office. Other people's parents will help them find a job. With me.. my parents hound me about not having a job.. and then when I take the Amphitheatre one.. they want me to quit it!!! FIGURE THAT ONE OUT!!!

Reason number two... I'm not in Hamilton. I was really hoping to establish myself in Hamilton this summer and jam with the band. But then I decided I'd come home for the summer because there was TFC here and I enjoyed fencing there last year. Well we all know how much I'm able to fence right now. So I'm stuck at home, not working much yet, not fencing, not doing anything. This also means I can't jam with the band freaquently. Yet another annoyance. I think that next year, even if I'm completely healthy, I'm not going to bother with TFC. I enjoyed it last year, but I'm sick of Peter Ho. People said they went there and felt very unwelcome.. well it's true. I feel very welcomed by the students like Patrick and Sam and Keith... but Peter Ho just shuns me and makes me feel like an outsider and lower than dirt. So screw him and TFC... I've never actually planned on making it to the olympics, so I'm not gonna put myself through the stress of Peter Ho. I'd rather concentrate on the band next year and stay in Hamilton.. I'll fence at Mac.

Reason three. I have no friends here back home. All of my friends from high school are still away at university. So I'm sitting at home with no job, no fencing, no spleen and no friends. Pretty dull existance if I do say so myself. So what ends up happening is I want to hang out with Kerry. But she's ALL I have here.. that's it.. nobody else. So I can feel myself starting to depend on her more than I should. I'm not needy or smothering, but I can tell I'm starting in that direction.. just because there's nobody else I can ever do anything with. If I'm not hanging out with her, I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing with my parents harping me about something or other. So I can just feel a barrier building between me and Kerry for that reason, even if it's a small one and can easily be torn down if I just turn the other way for a little bit and give her some space and wait for her to come to me. But doing that will be a pain because, once again, pitiful existance.

Oh, and did I mention that on top of all of that, I have to study for 3 exams that I have in 2 weeks. The joys of a ruptured spleen.
I wish my spleen never ruptured, I wish I could've found a job in Hamilton.. I wish I was anywhere but right here right now.


Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
Current Music: The Super Friendz - Better Call

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